Before this project, I think code reviews are something for seniors and people must have lots of experience in that programming language to make a change request. Luckily, in this course, we were given a chance to do code reviews for each other. Observing how others interact and making request change has helped me to learn a lot.

Javascript isn’t a language I’m familiar with, however, I still tried to make two reviews on two projects: IPC144 and telescope.

Review #1

On IPC144, after checking the professor’s requirements for .md layout, I found out a bug in the layout like this

I request a change to fix this typo

Review #2

On Telescope, I found a small bug that the contributor didn’t make a clear naming convention on an attribute so I request him to change.

Happy coding



Trang Nguyen

Trang Nguyen


Computer Programming Student @Seneca. Writing to share solutions and encourage my sister to write.